hello, i am

Wes Cossick

entrepreneur  |  software guru  |  christ follower

What I do.

I provide the vision, guide the growth, and set the company culture for Sparksuite. I still have a hand in running many components of this company and its subsidiaries. You might find me writing code, helping customers, making hires, or striking business deals.

Things I love.

I love clean, highly polished software; the kind that always works well, makes your life easier, and is super intuitive. I love overcoming challenges and cleverly solving problems. I love playing sand volleyball, disc golf, and just about any other sport. I love my wife, Sarah. I love God with my whole being.

How I lead.

My role as the visionary allows me to develop exciting plans and execute them with precision. But I can’t do that alone. To that end, I build teams of extraordinary people and inspire them to create outstanding work. I aim to be a servant leader whom others naturally enjoy following.

Where I find community.

I’m actively involved at my local church in Waco, TX. The fellowship with strong believers there has matured my faith in many ways. I’m blessed to lead an incredible bible study, and I regularly participate in a discipleship group and service opportunities.

Connect with me.

or if email is your thing, [email protected]