Companies I've launched currently conduct business across the globe.
Software and websites I've created are used tens of millions of times every year.
Christ Follower
My life reflects Christ first and foremost. I actively attend a local Baptist church.
I study computer science and business at Baylor University, and maintain a high GPA.
Graphic Designer
I design compelling websites, marketing materials, graphics, and more.

In May of 2009, at just 14 years of age, I launched my first business—a small website design company known as Next Step Webs. With the intent of holding this job for the summer months only, I began seeking local customers. Rapidly, this little venture expanded to conducting business across the nation.

With my newfound passion for developing startups, I branched out and created HOA Express as a website builder for neighborhoods and condos. Today, this endeavor has grown into the industry leader with customers all over the world.

I've also established Sleeker App Studios as an innovative mobile app development company. Under this, I've published three apps, including GradePro, a tool used tens of thousands of times every day.

SnapLauncher joined the Next Step Webs family in 2014 as the most intuitive small business website builder.


Day-in and day-out I work on and develop a broad array of industry leading software. I am a full-stack software developer capable of everything from high performance infrastructure design and maintenance to front-end web and app development. It's my drive for success and perfection that's led to me being almost entirely self-taught. I now have over nine years of experience, dating all the way back to an early dabble with HTML in elementary school. Take a dive into my most prominent skills:

The most frequent coding language I use, and my personal choice for server side development.
With over 9 years of experience working with HTML, I have become very proficient with the language.
I have spent years writing CSS and actively stay on top of current trends and best practices.
I write innovative JavaScript to improve a user's experience with a website. Oh, and I love jQuery!
Objective-C & Swift
iOS apps are a growing passion of mine, and I've spent the last few years honing my Objective-C and Swift skills.
When writing SQL, I carefully optimize the queries and database structures for speed and efficiency.
I am very familiar with and frequently utilize JSON & XML to transmit and receive data, typically through APIs.
The websites, apps, and software I develop are some of the most advanced in terms of efficiency.
Christ Follower

Primarily, I live to glorify God with the gifts and talents He's given me. I am actively involved in my church where I go to school as well as my hometown church.

First Woodway College Ministry Waco, TX

Christ-centered community is heavily stressed at my church in Waco, where I spend the majority of the year. I strive to participate in as many activities as I can to foster growth within this community. My service on the leadership team includes being on staff as a college ministry intern, leading a missional community (Bible study), and designing various digital and print graphics on the media team.

Champion Forest Baptist Church Houston, TX

My hometown church is where I've attended since birth, permitting me the privilege of closely knowing the leadership and pastors on staff. Through CFBC, I've served on seven mission trips to a variety of cities in North America, and spent the summer of 2014 interning over the high school freshmen in the student ministry. I also spent many years serving on the student service media team, working predominantly as the director, and have helped maintain the church website as an interim webmaster.


Although my entrepreneur and developer roles are very engaging, I am still a full-time student. I'm a proud member of Baylor's class of 2017, majoring in the Business Fellows program. This is a highly selective degree program where I adapt my plan to fit my unique situation. Utilizing this, I am able to study nearly every area of business while also taking many courses in the computer science department. My goal is to have competency in areas such as accounting, finanace, marketing, sales, and more, in order to effectively lead every division of my companies. Rather than gain expertise in any one business department, I'll achieve the knowledge necessary to hire and manage experts.

Below you'll find a list of activities I'm currently, or have been, involved in:

Baylor University Waco, TX  //  High GPA

Association for Computing Machinery
Gordon K. Teal Residential College
Computing for Compassion

Klein High School Klein, TX  //  Salutatorian '13

Marching Band
Latin Club
National Honor Society
Computer Science Club
Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, I have experience creating designs of all forms and fashions. I've worked with some of the world's leading healthcare organizations, campaigning politicians, some of the nation's largest churches, and everything in-between to produce compelling logos, printed materials, advertisements, and much more. Additionally, I have considerable experience creating software mockups for intuitive web and native apps. My go-to tool for graphic design is Photoshop CC.


NFIB Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist

In April of 2013, I was selected from over 550 applicants across the nation as one of five finalists for NFIB's Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. This is an outstanding distinction that furthers my passion for entrepreneurship.

National Merit Finalist & Scholar

In 2012, NMSC recognized me as a National Merit Finalist & Scholar due to my exceptional PSAT and SAT performances. Of the ~1.5 million students who compete in the competition each year, only 15,000 receive the Finalist distinction. From the Finalists, just 2,500 with the strongest combination of accomplishments, skills, and potential for success are chosen for the scholarship.

TCU Texas Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist

At the end of 2010, I was selected as one of 25 finalists for the TCU Texas Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. As part of the distinction, I was invited to meet and compete against the finalists for scholarships. The experience was unique and very encouraging at a time when I was just beginning my career.


I infrequently write about software development and entrepreneurship topics over at my blog. Entitled Code Musings, the blog is available on Medium here.

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